Lamar Bradford, wealthy owner of Coleson Manor, is a third generation offspring of a polluted blood line, and the gene for vampirism that he carries in his DNA has just been triggered. Morgan Summers, a 325-year-old vampire, who was forced to watch her mother pressed to death as a witch in Salem Village in 1692, is searching for the key to mortality. Lamar has it, but it comes at a high price. Stalked by a sinister and clandestine arm of the Roman Catholic Church—the Order of the Vampire Final Solution–the OVFS has tracked down and killed fifty-seven vampires since its inception in 1925. Morgan Summers is to be their fifty-eighth conquest, with Lamar soon to follow. But there is hope. Dr. James Heller, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science is also Director of Harvard’s Genetics Laboratory. Heller’s scientists are desperately working on a gene-splicing technique that would provide resurrection for vampires—a return to mortality and humanity. Will Lamar and Morgan defeat the OVFS and those trying to destroy them? But more importantly, can a secret resurrection project succeed to save others trapped by the vampire gene?



Andre Suroccan, vampire extraordinaire, has “lived” among normal mortals for over seven hundred and fifty years. He is a master vampire with powers few others have acquired. But is that enough? Andre is jaded and black with despair. The Universe denies all vampires the experience of love. Without love, sex has become deadly boring. And one more element he lacks: Death . . . and the fear of it. When Andre meets Morgan Bradford he is stunned by her beauty. Her sensuality is like a pulsing aura. He discovers she is a former vampire, having been through the genetic resurrection process discovered by scientists working in secret at Harvard’s genetics lab. But Morgan is married to Lamar Bradford, also a former vampire. As vampires, they conceived a baby, destined to be born a vampire. Morgan must get rid of it before it tears her apart, mind, body, and soul. Lamar doesn’t know Morgan is pregnant, but Andre does, and only he can help her get rid of the vicious fetus . . . at a price. Sex. Can she bring herself to cheat on the man she has married and loves? She must choose. And quickly.