Born in Washington, D.C., Charles V. Brown wrote his first fiction short story in the fifth grade. He still has it; in fact, it is reproduced in his as-yet-to-be-published memoir, Sleeve an’ Me.
For years a dabbler in fiction, he allowed a thirty year Air Force career and an advanced degree, along with raising two daughters, three horses, breeding English Setters, playing innumerable Dixieland Jazz gigs, and a tour in Nam to get in the way of writing.
His second novel, Viking Lady, won grand prize in the Maryland Writer’s Association’s annual novel contest, and then he got serious about writing.
After seventy-two years as a Marylander, Vic and Jenny moved to Williamsburg, Virginia, and rescued a cat—Crickett (with two ts!).
Vic still plays jazz and writes and critiques and basks in the warmth of a mighty-nice place to live: Windsor Meade.