How to Make a Vampire

One Tuesday morning in 2014 I was reading the Health and Science section of the Washington Post newspaper. It featured a very long article on genetics, gene splicing (now gene editing), and the bright prospects it offers for many of society’s dreaded diseases. WHAM! These thoughts entered my head:

  1. What if vampirism was the result of a mutant gene?
  2. What if genetic scientists discovered a way, using gene editing, to remove the mutant gene for vampirism, replacing it with a null (inactive) substitute gene?

Now I didn’t know one thing about vampires. I didn’t even like them. So why on earth would I want to write a novel about them? As I sat down at my Imac 21 desk top, I said to myself, this isn’t really happening. I’ll write the first page, get a good laugh, and pitch it in the round file.

But no, that’s not what happened. The creative juices began to flow. I didn’t have to know anything about Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat (she is the mother of all modern vampire writing), or Bram Stoker’s Dracula, circa 1897. I was free to invent my own vampires. And I did. Mine were willing to surrender their immortal powers to become normal, mortal human beings. They’d become mortally tired of being vampires, and they yearned for resurrection (hence the title, Vampire Resurrection).

The romance between Morgan Summers, who had been a vampire for 325 years, and Lamar Bradford, who had just become a vampire, is not your mother’s romance. Nor is it like any other vampire story you’ve encountered. Especially when Andre Suroccan, vampire extraordinaire (for 750 years!), confronts Morgan. Though married to Lamar, Morgan is strongly attracted to Andre, who professes to be seeking resurrection, and is willing to renounce his powers if she will leave Lamar.

Can you imagine a retired Air Force Colonel and Vietnam veteran writing about vampires? Few of my friends and associates could. Half the time I couldn’t either, but it was fun. And High Tide Publications, Inc. of Virginia published that book and asked me to write the sequel. And I did. Should be out the first half of 2018.

Vic Brown is the author of Vampire Resurrection. Coming soon: Vampire Embrace. His other novels—both historical fiction—include Viking Lady and Aden the Last. And soon to be published, a memoir, Sleeve an’ Me.

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