Cindy L. Freeman5.0 out of 5 starsNot Your Average Vampire Sequel

October 31, 2018Format: Kindle EditionAfter reading Vic Brown’s first vampire account, Vampire Resurrection, I wondered how the author could conceive and execute another successful story on the subject. Once again, I marvel at Brown’s convincing, yet atypical depiction of vampirism. Brown presents his theories so persuasively as to convince the reader s/he is examining scientific evidence. Despite a concept that has historically incited fear, skepticism, even disinterest, Brown captivates his audience with enough romance and intrigue to keep us turning pages frenetically. Each character in Vampire Embrace, a compelling sequel to Vampire Resurrection, is well-rounded and believable, even tracing back to the characters’ centuries-old existences. Yet, it is a modern account that resonates with twenty-first century readers. Brown’s thorough research and wide life-experience bring his story to life, presenting a plot and characters with overwhelming authenticity. The reader is taken on a highly charged journey into the world of Morgan and Lamar as they struggle to navigate mortality after experiencing resurrection. Through his masterful wordsmithing, Brown’s vivid scenes jump off the page and draw the reader into the fascinating world his inventive mind has constructed.

Just A Guy5.0 out of 5 starsIntense, Remarkably well writtenDecember 16, 2018Format: Kindle EditionThis is NOT the book ‘you just can’t put down’ as goes the cliche. This is the book ‘you must put down’ as the relentless intensity of the pace is a terrifying, emotional sprint from start to finish. Simply no slow, filler spots to catch your breath before another visceral threat materializes in the richest detail, the most plausible manner. And THAT is the ‘problem’ with Vic Brown-written books on vampires: The reader is left only 97% sure that this couldn’t be real; that vampires don’t actually exist. This is superb craftsmanship, out of control, no speed brakes, absolutely chilling.