Vampire Love – It’s Not What You Think!

Vampires have powers beyond one’s most capricious imagining. It would, therefore, be obvious that they would have a superior loving nature. Right? Not so fast. Let us first separate the two timeless aspects of love: emotional and sexual. In recent decades more ink has been spilt on this issue, including all the romance novels that replenish themselves from year to year, than perhaps any other subject. That hasn’t offered a panacea of enlightenment, alas, for the world is full of Neanderthals who consider sex to be love and that they are synonymous. You, dear reader, know what a fallacy that is, so we shall not visit that subject. We have vampires to study.

If I were to pick one word to capture the life of a vampire, it would be: boring.What? you ask. They have all kinds of occult powers, they are immortal, although they can be killed (more about that next week). They can cast a spell, brew up a hex, bend almost anyone (save perhaps another vampire) to their will. Ah, but there you have the issue. If you could have sex with anyone/everyone you choose as a partner, how would you feel after the first couple hundred years? Burned out? Likely. Bored? Absolutely. Where is the chase, the allure, the mystery if you can snap your fingers and it’s yours? I’ll grant you that many vampires develop dazzling bedroom technique, and many of their “conquests” don’t require a spell; many women over the centuries have been quite willing to participate without any form of coercion.

Unless you are a vampire devotee, you are not likely to know that the spiritual father of vampirism, the Serpent of Charna, has placed a severe limitation on his vampire fauna. They can master the art of sex, but they cannot parse the crucial emotional aspect of love. Now, for the first hundred years or two vampires revel in their Charna-given sexual athleticism, but sooner or later they become satiated. Stupid men would trade their mortality, their spirituality, to have such unlimited sexuality. But what if you could not feel the emotional component? What if sex was all you could have? What if the physical mechanics of copulation were the all of it? You would—and they do—become morose, bored, and wretched. But there are some rare exceptions. You will meet two of them in Vic Brown’s Vampire Embrace: Morgan Bradford, Lamar Bradford’s wife and 750-year-old master vampire, Andre Suroccan.

Both of them have a rare exceptional nature. Through the centuries they have searched for an encounter that blends the emotional with the sensual. They find it with one another. But there is this one little problem. Morgan is married and loves her husband. And, she is pregnant. She has to get rid of the fetus or it will return her to active vampirism.

Only Andre can help. But at what price?


Vic Brown, author of Vampire Resurrection, lives in Williamsburg, VA. The sequel, Vampire Embrace, will be released by High Tide Publications, Inc. in the spring of 2018. His memoir, Sleeve an’ Me is scheduled for release in December 2018.   

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